Lantra Strimmer and Brush Cutter Proficiency

Lantra Strimmer and Brush Cutter Proficiency

We offer 2 day courses (1 day for experienced operators), resulting in a Lantra certificate of competence for operating strimmers and brushcutters. We can arrange equipment hire and venues or we can visit you, as long as you have a suitable venue and equipment.


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Lantra accredited 1 and 2-day courses for Brushcutter/Strimmer operation
Lantra accredited 1 day courses for Hand-held hedge trimmer operation

  • Full Lantra training and certification
  • We will come to you - no need to travel
  • Discounted machine and safety gear prices
  • Experienced trainers
  • Competitive rates
  • One phone call - we will sort out the rest



ALL of these courses are Lantra accredited, Integrated Training and Assessment (ITA) courses

Courses consist of :


Health and Safety Law
Risk Assessment
Safety Equipment
Safe Working Procedure


Machine Maintenance
Maintenance and Fitting of strimmer heads and brushcutter blades
Correct adjustment of safety harnesses
Fuelling, adjustment and Running Safety Checks


Transport of machines
Organising the work site safely
Systematic working
Safe and Efficient Operation of the Trimmer/Brushcutter/Hedge trimmer
Cleaning and Storage of the machine

Integrated Training and Assessment

All of the following courses will be trained and assessed by the trainer during the course.

Assessment will be made from observations by the trainer in the process of training, and from specific questions and exercises set by the trainer.

All course participants need to be 16 or over and be physically able to operate a strimmer/brushcutter over a sustained period.

Environment Skills Training - Lantra Courses

Course Code

Course Title

Course Duration (Days)

No. of Candidates per course

CLMC08X Brushcutters/Trimmers - Maintenance and Operation



CLMC08R Brushcutters/Trimmers - Maintenance and Operation - Refresher



CLMC07X Trimmers-Grass Cutting



CLMC07R Trimmers - Grass Cutting - Experienced Operator



CLVT76X Hand held Hedge Trimmers



The standard course for professional use of Strimmers/Brushcutters is the 2-day course.

Those wishing to enrol on Refresher or Experienced Operator courses will need to show evidence of 5 years' experience.
It is not possible to carry out a full ITA course for inexperienced operators in less than 2 days.


Some landowners insist on NPTC certification.  This can be gained by taking this training course, and then being assessed by an NPTC Assessor afterwards.  The Assessment Schedule you would be assessed under is as follows:


NPTC Assessment Schedule



Any petrol-driven (2 or 4 stroke) strimmer using a rotating head with a nylon cord for cutting grass.


Any petrol-driven (2 or 4 stroke) strimmer fitted with a metal or nylon blade used for cutting coarse grass, scrub, brambles and very small trees (less than 20mm diameter). It is common for large strimmers to be operated as either trimmers or brushcutters depending on the head which is fitted.


There is not any legal requirement per se for a Certificate of Training for the professional use of a strimmer or brushcutter, although it is considered industry best practice (see AFAG 805 para. 29, http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/afag805.pdf ) to attend either an Integrated Training and Assessment course or a training course with independent assessment. Normally, such a training course will have a Certificate of Training that will record the objectives met by the trainee on the course.

Many insurers will also require a Recognised Certificate of Training and Competence.

Our strimmer/brushcutter/hedge trimmer courses are all Integrated Training and Assessment (ITA) courses.

Lantra ITA certificates are Recognised Certificates of Training and Competence and are the UK industry standard.

When you take one of our courses, your competence will be continually assessed by our trainer. At the end of the course, the trainer will show you your assessment score and give you feedback on your performance. If you have reached the required standard, you will be awarded with a Lantra Certificate of Training and Competence.

Your Lantra certificate will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue, after which you will need to take a one-day refresher course to renew your certificate.

Equipment required:

There must be a minimum of one machine between two candidates.

We will also need strimmer and brushcutter heads for all machines (when doing brushcutter courses).

Suitable tools for maintaining the machine and the cutting head are required - a set of chainsaw files are also useful.

Full and up to date personal protective equipment and harnesses are needed for all trainees.

One litre of mixed petrol will be required per trainee for the course.



You can come to us in Rhayader if you like. We will provide a lecture room/workshop and a venue for the practical session.

If you want us to come to you - we will need place to do paperwork with a table and enough chairs for everybody (7). This area should have heating if the training takes place in the winter.

We will need a workshop with enough space for maintaining six machines.

We will need a venue for the practical session with a large area of grass and some scrub that is suitable for cutting.

Ideally, it should be possible for all six trainees to work at the same time and be at least 15 metres apart from each other.

Why choose us?

Environment Skills Training has was established in 2003. Since then we have carried out Lantra brushcutter and chainsaw courses in Wales, England and abroad.

Our great strength is our flexibility to come up with solutions to meet your training needs. We focus on the need of our trainees, and pride ourselves in producing the highest possible standards of training for competitive prices.

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Gallery of brushcutter training

Gallery of brushcutter training

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